About Tinga Online

Tinga Online Limited™ is an online marketplace that connects construction equipment owners with potential equipment users.

We help individuals or corporations who may not have construction equipment of their own and have a project that creates a need for them to rent equipment. Through Tinga Online, you can source for required construction equipment that is closest to you or your work site. Our construction equipment portfolio varies from heavy machinery such as trackhoe excavators, to portable welding machines, and anything in between. Headquartered in Nairobi (Kenya), our solution is expanding rapidly across Africa.

How It Works

Search for your desired construction equipment or other required equipment at your location of choice.

Select an equipment among the displayed results and complete a simple request form.

Get connected to the equipment owner through one of our Tinga agents.

Tinga Online aims to provide value to contractors and equipment users alike.

Equipment Users

If you need to rent reliable construction equipment, Tinga Online is your preferred source because you get what they see. Each equipment listed on the platform will be inspected to ensure the image posted is of the actual equipment available to you. We also enable you, construction builders and other equipment users, to receive the best rates possible by allowing you to deal directly with the owner of the equipment. Tinga Online allows builders to contract machinery with ease for the period within which they need it.

Equipment Owners

As a construction equipment owner, you can now increase the frequency of use for your equipment by multiple contractors/builders across the country, through Tinga Online. Similarly, you no longer require intermediaries to get business opportunities for your construction equipment. By registering with Tinga Online and listing construction equipment, users are now able to connect directly with project owners/builders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Go to www.tinga.online, type in the name of the equipment you require and the desired location.
  • Tinga will display results of the equipment closest to you, as well as, recommended equipment.
  • Select the equipment you require and request for it. Note that requesting for an equipment is free!
  • Type in your personal details (name, email address, mobile number and physical address) and tell us some information about the nature of work (exact location and dates).
  • Accept Tinga Terms and Conditions (which you can view) and submit request.
  • You’ll receive both an email and SMS notification of the request details.
  • There is no cost for individuals or corporates listing up to 5 equipment. These equipment could range from hand drills to 200 tonne cranes!
  • Between 6 – 10 equipment, individuals or corporates will pay a monthly fee of KSH 6,000 (plus 16% VAT). There is priority listing with this subscription and Users will be able to see that the equipment is from a Premium account.
  • 11 or more equipment (up to 100,000 equipment) will attract a monthly fee of KSH 12,000 (plus 16% VAT) that is applicable to both individuals and corporates. There is priority listing with this subscription and Users will be able to see that the equipment is from a Premium account.
  • A flat fee of KSH 1,000 or USD 10 (plus 16% VAT) is charged per item listed for sale.
  • This fee enables you to list your equipment for a 30 day period which is renewable once the period lapses.
  • For enterprise packages, kindly contact us for more information.
  • At Tinga, our sole responsibility is to optimize the utilization of your equipment. Provided your equipment is listed on the platform, we will direct our efforts towards driving equipment Users to make Tinga Online their preferred option for equipment sourcing purposes.
  • As an equipment owner, you will need to regularly update your rate, equipment location and availability from time-to -time. By doing this, your equipment stands to be hired more frequently because of accurate information representation.
  • Suppliers can opt to indicate their rates online enabling potential equipment Users to readily access this information.
  • Where there is no indication of rates online, once connected (through a request), equipment Users and equipment suppliers can communicate directly with each other via SMS, Email, phone call or WhatsApp.
  • Equipment Users and Suppliers will directly discuss issues relating to the rate, payment terms and any other terms and conditions pertinent to the request.
  • Tinga does not get involved in the transaction and is not responsible for operations at site.

The Tinga Online mobile Application is currently limited to Android devices and is downloadable from the Google Playstore. At the moment, it is not available on iOS.

It is important to note that the platform is accessible through any mobile browser native to Android or iOS devices.

Go to the ‘Home’ tab and click ‘List your Equipment’

Following this, you’ll need to create an account either as an individual or as a business depending on your preference.

Once signed in, click on the equipment tab, and proceed to add details and photos of your equipment

If you already have an account, click on ‘Sign In’

If you don’t find the equipment you’re looking for, either email us on memberservices@tinga.online or call us on +254 (0) 20 4400191 and we will help you source for the equipment you desire.

Tinga Online ultimately provides a solution that simplifies the sourcing of construction equipment by providing an open communication channel between equipment owners and potential equipment users by providing adequate information on how to source for construction equipment on demand, when you need it